The Impact on Family and Friends - FULLY BOOKED

Jackie Fox and Sallyanne Clarke

Both Jackie and Sallyanne have lost a child to suicide and live with the heartache on a daily basis.  They will discuss the mental strength and resources they draw on to cope every day.

The Overwhelmed Worker - FULLY BOOKED

Davina Ramkissoon, Zevo Health

Feeling frantic, un-focused and unclear on processes can be a common aspect of most people’s days. Technology influences the speed at which companies progress but also has impact on an individual level. In a world that is constantly speeding up, it can be hard to find ways to consciously slow down.

In this workshop, we’ll understand what factors lead to overwhelm as well as equipping participants with tools which they can take away to improve their ability to strategically deal with overwhelm, enhancing of daily mood and overall wellbeing.

Nutrition and Diet for Good Mental Health 


Richelle Flanagan, Be Nutrition Wise

In this workshop learn what you can do to improve the nourishment of your mental health through what you eat. Based upon the latest evidence of nutrition in mental health you will walk away with changes that can start having an immediate impact on how you feel.


This workshop will show you how to feed your gut to nourish your brain through:


  • Making fibre your friend

  • Choosing your carbohydrates carefully

  • Fuelling a better night’s sleep

Managing Financial Stress - FULLY BOOKED

Nick Lawlor, The Wellness Crew


Financial Wellness … What is it?


  • How Finances and Mental Health are interlinked.

  • The Science of Financial Wellness and the Mind.

  • What are the solutions?

  • How can solutions be delivered.

Millennials in the Workplace - FULLY BOOKED

Dr Colman Noctor in conversation with Josh Roberts, a millennial who had a burn out in the workplace and opted out.

Making Schools, Colleges and the Workplace a Healthier Environment for the Next Generation


Dr Gillian O'Brien, Clinical Director, Jigsaw: The National Centre for Youth Mental Health

Understanding the challenges young people face and  learning how to cultivate healthier environments for them to grow and develop in.