Setting up your products in the Shop:

We understand that this backend system may be a bit daunting for you, so we have put this “How to” guide together for you to help make things a little bit easier. Please follow these steps below.

Register & Login
  1. Register as a new vendor here.
  2. Follow the steps in the Vendor Signup Process.
  3. Make Membership Payment here.
  4. Log in to the shop dashboard.
Set up your shop information
  1.  Log in to the shop dashboard.
  2. Set up your shop’s information here.
    1. Upload a logo
    2. Edit your Vendor Profile
    3. Add a Vendor email address
Add Products
  1. All your products will be available to edit here.
  2. Add a new product here.
Add a Product Name / Title
Add a Product Description

This can be a long description explaining all the features and assets of your product. This description will always be shown at the bottom of the product on the front shop.

* You can add images into this description block, if you want to, but this is not where you add the main image.

Add Product Main Image

Add a main image for your product now. This section can be found on the RIGHT side of the page when you scroll down, under “Products Tags” & “Groovy Menu”.

Add more Product Photos

After adding the main product image in the step above, you can add more images if you like. these will all display as a slider in your shop.

Add Product Prices

Here you can add the prices of your products. Prices will always be in € Euros. You must include the relevant VAT rate for your product/service. The regular price will always be the default price. A sale price can be added which will show the user that this product is on sale, while still showing what the regular price was.

Set a Product Category

Choose a Product Category for your products, if there is no correct category for your product, then please email us on

Publish your Product

When you have completed adding all the information for your product then you can publish your product to the shop. Select “Submit”.

Please note: All product will first need to be approved by our administrators, so there may be a 24 hour delay. If you have any further questions please email us on

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