Conor O’Keeffe

Conor is an Ultra Marathon runner and Mental Health Advocate. He has struggled with his mental health throughout his teens and twenties, forever feeling like he was on a roller coaster of ups and downs. From climbing Kilimanjaro as a teen, to flying to Thailand to chase a dream of becoming a Muay Thai champion he constantly sought contentment with himself and his mind.

Conor stumbled upon ultra-running by chance. In 2019, while training for a 200 mile ultramarathon, he began to unearth a sense of self and inner stability, talking to the demons he had carried with him from an early age and lightening his mental load.

Throughout his journey in Ultra endurance, from winning the Enduroman 200 mile Ultra Marathon or running a loop of his patio for 24 hours straight, Conor has always sought to understand more about himself as a person.

He also knows how it feels when plans are changed – he was set to complete PROJECT32 (32 Marathons in 32 Days in 32 Counties with 32 Pounds on his back) in April 2020. However, after a year of training and logistical planning he had to postpone the challenge just weeks before the start date.

Conor has used this setback as an opportunity to explore other areas of life and spread a message about adapting to the ever-changing environment, simplifying our thought patterns and controlling what we can control.

Conor has been spreading his mental health message both nationally and internationally in the hope that he may impart some of the information he has gathered on these long endurance feats.

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