Ciara McCullough

Ciara McCullough is a Social Activist, Mental Health Campaigner & Mindset Coach. In her own words, Ciara says “I share my story loudly, so that others don’t have to suffer in silence”. Ciara contributes as a Motivational Speaker, sharing her story in order to promote positive mental health and empower people to discover the power of their own minds. Her journey of self-discovery and personal development started when she was 22, just after her third attempt of suicide.

The turning point in her story was when she discovered that she had a choice, this was the catalyst of real change. Transformation in Ciara’s story was that moment, when she discovered she had a choice, and didn’t have to believe everything her mind told her. Since then, Ciara has developed an unshakable mindset and now shares her story to inspire others to know that this is possible for them too.

Ciara has worked alongside and spoken at some of Ireland’s Leading Mental Health events and organisations including the Mental Health & Well Being Summit, Cycle Against Suicide and See Change. As a Qualified Mental Health & Wellbeing Coach, Ciara now endeavours to not only share her story, but to work with clients to educate them about their mind, how it works and how to harness its potential for growth.

She is authentic, real and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and honest.

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