Speakers 2019... 

Jonny Benjamin

After finding himself on the edge of Waterloo bridge in 2008 and being saved by a stranger, Jonny is now a mental health campaigner whose documentary 'A Stranger on the Bridge' reached over 300 million people. Jonny works closely with some of the UK's largest Mental Health charities and has been supported by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for his work. Jonny has recently launched his own charity: Beyond Shame, Beyond Stigma.

Dr Sinead Kane

Dr. Sinead Kane is a Double PhD doctorate, Double Guinness World Record holder, Qualified Lawyer & Visually Impaired Athlete. Sinead broke the Guinness World Record for furthest distance for a female on a treadmill in 12 hours and for being the first blind person to complete a Marathon on each of the seven Continents. Considering that Sinead only has 5% vision and is registered as legally blind she proves how those who persist in spite of a disability can develop determination, motivation, and creativity.

Oisin McConville

As far as those who marvel at his sporting glories are concerned, Oisin McConville is a winner. His career marked him out as one of the most gifted footballers of his generation. But off the pitch, winning has not been so easy. Outside the sport, McConville looked for other ways to replicate the buzz he felt while on the pitch and things very quickly got out of control. Oisin had turned to gambling. What started as a hobby became an overwhelming obsession and as his debts mounted the only escape he could find was on the football field. Oisin is now a trained addiction counsellor and works with SPORTING CHANCE, a foundation set up by former Arsenal and England captain Tony Adams.

Stuart Wilson

Stuart Wilson is a behavioural psychotherapist. He is the founder and clinical director of ZestLife Therapeutic Services; mental health clinics specialising in family and adolescents therapy. He is Co-Founder of ZestLife Counselling & Training College offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in counselling and psychotherapy.  Stuart is Co-Founder of Zest4Kidz children charity assisting vulnerable children worldwide affected by war, poverty and disease.  Along with his wife Magi, they were awarded 'special recognition' for their work by the Pride of Ireland Awards 2015. Stuart is a consultant speaker on adolescent mental health nationwide.  He is married with 5 children.

Danny Rahim

Danny is a British actor who's featured in series such as Eastenders, Primeval and Death in Paradise but behind the scenes it's been quite a different story. Following a series of unfortunate events, Danny himself was diagnosed with depression. Danny is passionate about mental health and removing the stigma attached to it. Danny talks openly about his own experiences, shares his lessons and hopes to open conversation about mental health in and out of the workplace.

Jackie Fox

Jackie lost her beautiful daughter, Nicole through suicide, she was 21 years old. She was bullied physically and mentally online by adults. Since then Jackie has passed the second stage in Coco's law making online abuse a criminal offence so people can be made accountable for their actions.  Jackie continues lobbying the Senate to get Coco's Law passed and gives generously of her time speaking to schools about online bullying and the devastating effects it can have.

Graham McCormack

My name is Graham Mc Cormack, I am an ex MMA fighter turned life coach and mindfulness coach. I have faced a number of challenges throughout my life including homelessness and bullying which led to a number of mental health difficulties such as addiction and obesity.  However, I fought my way back and my life has done a complete turnaround since which has lead to me speaking on RTE’s Nationwide, in Dail Eireann and on the Late Late Show.

Dr Gillian O'Brien

Clinical Director, Jigsaw

Dr. Gillian O’Brien is a clinical psychologist and Clinical Director with Jigsaw: The National Centre for Youth Mental Health where she is responsible for the quality and safety of Jigsaw’s growing network of youth mental health services nationwide.  Gillian has a Professional Diploma in Clinical Leadership from RCSI and is a member of the Sláintecare Implementation Advisory Council. Prior to joining Jigsaw, Gillian worked in a variety of child and adolescent mental health settings in Dublin, Northern Ireland and Central America.  

Josh Roberts

Josh Roberts was born in 1990 and grew up in Surrey, UK. He studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Trinity College Dublin. ​He started his career as a Strategy Consultant at Deloitte, before moving into advertising where he worked for global brands such as The Times, Sunday Times and Financial Times. ​Three years ago Josh experienced an intense mental breakdown which culminated in being diagnosed with a Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). ​He wrote about this experience in an article for The Times, and was amazed by the outpourings of support and cries for help from other sufferers.  He received hundreds of messages from other men who have suffered or were suffering from similar conditions. Inspired by the reaction, Josh resolved to quit his job and devote his time to trying to help others through writing, broadcasting and public speaking. 

Professor Jim Lucey

Professor Jim Lucey is Medical Director of St Patrick’s Mental Health Services and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Trinity College. He has worked with patients suffering from mental health problems for more than 30 years, specialising in the assessment, diagnosis and management of OCD and other anxiety disorders. His book 'In My Room' was a bestseller and he regularly features on ‘Today with Sean O’Rourke’ on RTE Radio 1. 

Danielle Serpico

Danielle Serpico is a Blackbelt and European Martial Arts Champion, who found her 'fight' to get back up after major life set backs ten years ago.  Danielle now speaks regularly on how to overcome adversity and have a mindset for success and happiness. She is a qualified NLP Speaker and Trainer, radio broadcaster on Dublin City Fm and author of the book, "The BlackBelt MasterMind"

Dr Colman Noctor 

Dr Colman Noctor is a registered advanced nurse practitioner in St Patrick’s Mental Health Services. He also works part-time as an Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing in Trinity College Dublin. Dr Noctor is also a Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist and he is currently the only RANP in child mental health in Ireland. Colman's area of interest is in the impact of technology on our mental lives and he is the best-selling author of ‘Cop On’, a parenting book for the technological age. 

Davina Ramkissoon

Davina is Zevo Health’s Wellness Director and has been with the organisation since its inception. Davina has an MSc in Health Psychology from Surrey University and has been working within the field of employee wellbeing since 2014. Prior to this, she was working within the provision of psychological wellbeing support services supporting people experiencing a range of psychosocial problems. Her passion lies within early intervention as she strongly believes that people can, with the right knowledge and tools support themselves as well as others from reaching crisis point.

Brent Pope

Brent Pope who will MC the summit again this year, is one of Ireland’s best known and respected media personalities. A main rugby pundit for RTE since 1993, Brent has also appeared on many top Irish television and radio shows about his own personal journey through mental health. Brent is a dedicated charity worker and a proud ambassador to many leading Irish charities, including “Cycle Against Suicide” and St Patricks Hospital. An art therapy advocate, Brent was the curator of popular gallery ‘Outside In’ which promoted art therapy work from various prisons, charities and mental health organisations. He has completed qualifications in psychotherapy and counselling and continues to see clients weekly.

Sallyanne Parker Clarke

Sallyanne Parker Clarke is co-owner of award winning L'Ecrivain restaurant with her husband, top chef Derry Clarke, and former Chairperson of the association of the "Blue Book". Sallyanne and Derry lost their son Andrew to suicide on New Year’s Eve in 2012. Two days after Christmas 2012, he was found in the garage of their family home after attempting to end his own life. He passed away on New Year’s Eve.

Mark Smyth

Mark Smyth is a Senior Clinical Psychologist and President Elect of the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI).  Mark has worked in Mental Health Services, Juvenile Justice and care settings for the last 15 years with a specific interest in anxiety, trauma, social media, self-harm and suicide.

Jack Kirwan

In 2012, Jack Kirwan was admitted to St Patrick’s hospital for treatment with anxiety and depression. Jack credits this with saving his life. After leaving hospital Jack began speaking at different events on behalf of Walk in my Shoes to help change the way mental health is viewed in Irish society.

Dr Sean O'Connell

Seán is a chartered psychologist at Compass Wellness, working with employees in high-pressured, stressful, and traumatic situations. He is focused on how people criticise themselves which leads to depression, self-harm, suicide, eating disorders, divorce, and a range of other issues. Seán has worked in child and adolescent trauma, cancer and psychiatric hospitals, and now focuses on employee support. His approach is experiential and energetic, using third wave CBTs and high-impact interventions for change. 

Gordon O'Regan

Gordon O’Regan is CEO and Managing Director of Keating, one of Ireland’s leading Civil, Building and Marine Engineering contractors. He is responsible for overseeing Keating's strategic leadership function and has been instrumental in driving the organisation's growth to date. With over 20 years of industry experience in senior leadership roles in the UK, his key focus is to expand Keating's operations geographically.

Richelle Flanagan

Richelle is a CORU state registered dietitian with over 15 years experience. She currently runs Be Nutrition Wise, a nutrition consultancy, providing nutritional clinics for individual clients, corporate wellness services and online nutrition programmes. During her time as president of the of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (INDI), the professional body for Dietitians in Ireland, she was a persistent advocate and driver for the improvement of dietetic services for mental health.

Stephen Bowcott

Stephen Bowcott is Chief Executive Officer of John Sisk & Son Ltd. He joined Sisk in September 2015, and has over 40 years’ experience in the construction industry. Stephen brings a strong track record of success in the senior leadership of major construction organisations including: Kier, Amec and John Mowlem & Co.

Chloey Turner

Chloey Turner was born and raised in the midlands of England, she had no Irish connection but fell in love with Irish dancing after seeing Riverdance on TV at eight years of age. It became her lifelong dream and passion to one day be a dancer in the Grammy Award winning show that took the world by storm. As a sensitive young girl she constantly battled with, often, crippling anxiety, which unfortunately led to bouts of agoraphobia and depression. If not for the constant support and encouragement from her father, along with her own self discipline she might have succumbed to her mental health struggles, but she persevered and achieved all that she wanted and more. Chloey has since toured the world as a principle dancer with Riverdance for over ten years. Chloey says: “I’m ready to talk in the hope that I can help to save others.”

Nick Lawlor

Nick is a Certified Financial Planner, Qualified Financial Adviser, Specialist Investment Adviser and the Managing Director of New Beginning Financial Services. Nick leads the Employee Financial Wellness team and is responsible for all elements of the service from tailored programme design to implementation.

Christine Fitzgerald

Christine Fitzgerald has been involved with GROW as a service user, volunteer and staff member since the 1980's and took over from Mike Watts as GROW National Programme Co-ordinator in 2012 up until last year. Chris has shared her experience at many events and on IrelandAM TV. She is a great communicator and has delivered many talks in schools and workplaces.

Mike Watts

Josephine Kieran

Philip Arneill

Mike worked as GROW's National Program Coordinator (NPC) reporting to the board for many years until his retirement in 2012. He did his PhD in Trinity College Dublin on peer support under Professor Agnes Higgins, Mental Health Reform chair, and they jointly published a book. Mike was involved in the Mental Health Commission and in Vision for Change report of 2006. He talks frankly about his own lived experience and the value of peer and community support networks.

Josephine Kieran is a qualified Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist with over 10 years experience. Josephine has worked with Pieta House for over 6 years beginning by supporting clients who were feeling suicidal, engaging in self harm or who had attempted to end their own life. For the past 2 years Josephine has worked as Bereavement Coordinator supporting clients who have been bereaved through suicide and also supporting the Therapists and Pieta House centres in Dublin in providing our Bereavement service.

Philip is Head of Education & Innovation at CyberSafeIreland. He is an international educator with over 20 years experience teaching and training learners in a range of multicultural contexts. In addition to time as a programme coordinator at British Council Egypt, he lived in Tokyo for 19 years, teaching in different international schools. Philip has been increasingly involved in teacher training and mentoring since 2011, with a specific focus on the meaningful integration of educational technology tools in the classroom, most recently under the auspices of the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme