Surviving to Thriving after Childhood Sexual Abuse; Healing Wounds/Finding Self-Acceptance through an Integrated Approach – Dana Barrows


Date: 22 November

Time: 14:00 – 21:00 BST

Location: Online via Zoom or On-Demand

Approved for 6 CPD credits

Sold By: Essential Therapy Training


Course Description:

Get passionate about being a healer again while you learn from this unique perspective as Dana weaves her personal story as a sexual abuse survivor and as a therapist throughout the presentation. In this training day participants will learn the neuroscience of trauma and how to heal the client in both the neocortex and subcortical parts of their brain.

Dana will focus on recognizing the cognitive, emotional, and somatic symptoms within the nervous system because of trauma and specifically how to treat each symptom with her unique assertive integrated approach.

Particular attention will emphasise the impact on parenting and how children of adult survivors are affected.

Dana will demonstrate how to help clients stop the generational pathology that is caused by childhood sexual abuse by working with the entire family.

There will be a special consideration on Dana’s integrated approach from the initial session to maintenance sessions with use of clinical scenario’s designed to give attendees the skills needed when working with child sexual abuse survivors and their families.

Individual breakout sessions with experiential and practical application of Dana’s approach followed by group discussion of the integrated theory.

Learning Objectives:

Enjoy an exciting interactive day with evidence-based approaches and practical application of the theories. You will leave the day with:

  • Worksheets and handouts to use immediately with your clients.
  • Trust building exercises and how to talk about the “taboo” intrusive thoughts that occur in sexual abuse survivors.
  • The top 5 cognitive distortions that sexual abuse survivors experience and how to re-route the neuropathways that cause them.
  • Having at least three new techniques for healing trauma in sexual abuse survivors.
  • How to recognize your client’s tolerance and activation surrounding the trauma.
  • Ways to heal sexual trauma in a fast, safe and effective way.
  • How to talk about the trauma without re-traumatizing the client.
  • More confidence in working with sexual abuse survivors.
  • How to prevent compassion fatigue and secondary trauma

About the Speaker:

Dana Barrows is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and private practitioner with 20 years of experience. Through her work in private practice, she has developed an integrated approach for survivors of trauma. Her therapy incorporates CBT, Brainspotting, somatic and narrative therapies. She uses both a verbal and non-verbal assertive communication technique. Her concentration is on how trauma and specifically survivors of childhood sexual abuse effects the individual, their families and their relationship with self and the world. She has high success rate for her clients using this integrated approach. Her clients report a freedom from their intrusive thoughts related to the abuse and thus rapid and effective healing in all areas of their lives.

Dana has been the owner of Real Solutions Professional Counseling in Randolph County IL since 2011. Through her practice she serves as an educator, consultant and clinical supervisor. She is well known in her area as a dynamic speaker and discusses her own experience as a client recovering from complex childhood sexual abuse. She has presented at the Governor’s Conference on Aging and Wellness in Chicago IL, several universities, schools, hospitals, and professional organizations throughout the State of Illinois and as a Crisis Intervention Trainer for Illinois Law Enforcement. Dana has two adult children and resides in Red Bud, Illinois with her two rescue dogs Ellie, and Rocco.

All artistic images reproduced by kind permission of Patricia Fitzgerald of Healing Creations


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