4 June: Restoration of Life After Trauma – Melissa Bradley-Ball


Date: June 4th 2021
Location: Live via Zoom*
Time: 3:30pm GMT (+1)
CPD/CEU hours: 6
Speaker: Melissa Bradley-Ball

*All of our training events are recorded. The link to the recording will be made available to the participant for 90 days following the live event.

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Course Information:

Trauma is a seismic event in life which impacts an individual, and their loved ones emotionally, somatically, cognitively, spiritually, relationally, and philosophically. An overwhelming number of souls will experience this trauma in their lifetime. And because many survivors of trauma do not reach out for help for years following, and even those who do undergo counseling will likely experience some trauma re-activation of the old trauma during adulthood.

Those who go untreated or ineffectively treated have statistically have higher rates of depression, anxiety, cardio-vascular disease, are more likely to struggle with addictions, low immune function, and more-than-average relationship challenges. Essentially, they have lost the vital qualities of life.

Although trauma can be devastating, it can also be transforming. How can we help our clients successfully transform their trauma into a growth potentiating experiences? This training is a resilience-based, multi-modal approach using evidence-based, trauma-informed models to help treat individuals, families, communities and reclaim their lives. Many common trauma approaches miss the mark to assist in the transformation of the trauma. Attendees will learn to connect, assess and to use implement effective skills of a post traumatic growth approach.

Learning Objectives:

– Will learn multi-modal techniques that will be ready to use immediately.
– How to assist trauma survivors to go beyond victim mode to surviving and thriving.
– Understand how to approach trauma from a post traumatic growth/resilience perspective vs a cure-model
– How to utilize movement, music, movies, stories, traditional therapeutic modalities, and other vital healing approaches into a holistic treatment plan
– Why untreated betrayal becomes the primary trauma issue
– Learn skills that can be implemented for all forms of trauma: emotional, physical, and sexual abuse; traumatic loss, complicated grief, catastrophic trauma, war and even currently, the pandemic.
– How to assess which stage of functioning a client is in and what healing approaches work best and why.
– How to process trauma safely and effectively utilizing macro and micro aspects of their story.
– Assisting people to mourn the matrix of grief and developing a new and resilient narrative by using The Heroic Journey Framework
– How to educate the community and loved ones in how to “hold the space” for the traumatised by understanding the basics of trauma, its impact, and the healing trajectory.
– Determining how to effectively set up and “install” resources for somatic, emotional, and cognitive therapy.

Course Macro Outline:


– The essentials any professional needs to know when working with trauma.


What are the developmental needs in each level? What treatment approaches are best used in the different levels?
– Victim
– Survivor
– Thriver


– Somatic grounding – and understanding natural survival responses.
– Cognitive-behavioural approaches for healing
– Building positive portfolios – Installing the cognitive with visualizations
– Preparing the team – assembling the “internal dream team” and spouse/partner, family, and closest friends
– Identifying and making friends with the “Cognitive LifeTraps”
– The power of therapeutic journaling and the immune system
– Utilising The Heroic Journey Framework to develop a resilient reframe


– Trauma reactivation over the course of a lifetime
– Somatic, cognitive, behavioural, emotional, sensory details
– Trauma composites – recognising and dismantling.
– Building safe therapeutic alliance when clients have been betrayed by loved ones and its system.
– Understanding the progression of sexual assault and why different elements of the progression become problematic
– The complexity of trauma within a catastrophic community trauma – natural disaster, terrorism, war, and pandemic and what must be addressed.

About the Speaker:

Melissa (Missy) Bradley-Ball, M.S., NCC, B.C.E.T.S. F.A.A.E.T.S. is an internationally recognized clinical educator, corporate consultant, and mediator. She received both a Bachelor of Science in Education and Master of Counseling Psychology from the University of Tennessee.

Most notably, Bradley-Ball was the developer of “RESILIENCE: Helping People Navigate the Heroic Journey,” “The Psychology of Resilience: A Multi-Modal Framework for Thriving Using the Heroic Journey”, “Counseling Those Who Serve: Working with Veterans, First Responders and Their Families”, “Betrayal Trauma” and dozens of specified trainings on sexual trauma. Melissa Bradley-Ball has taught full-day and multi-day continuing education trainings to more than 350,000 professionals, which includes physicians, psychologists, nurses, clergy, chaplain, Law Enforcement and District Attorneys in hundreds of cities in every state in the United States, Canada, Central America and with England, Scotland and Ireland for Essential Therapy Training. Bradley-Ball has also been a part of the clinical faculty for PESI/Cross Country Education since 2001.

Ms. Bradley-Ball is a Fellow, Diplomate and Board-Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress for the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and a National Certified Counselor. She has been a frequent keynote speaker at national and statewide conferences.

All art images are reproduced with the kind permission of Patricia Fitzgerald of Healing Creations. https://www.healingcreations.ie/


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