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Exploring ‘Rooted in our Otherness’ in a White Society – Po Chan


Date: October 4th 2021
Location: Live via Zoom*
Time: 11:00 – 18:00 BST
CPD credits: 6
Speaker: Po Chan

*This training will be recorded and is available to purchase On-Demand. 

Sold By: Essential Therapy Training


Course Description:

Racial terminology is daunting and sensitive, however, grouping people who are not white together, under one umbrella may not necessarily be the path to improve racial relations, and is not as progressive as it may sound.

Such labels, ‘People Of Colour’ or ‘Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic’, carries a notion, ‘one size fits all’.  This can feel like, you’re either White or the Other.  Which in turn can feel like, White people own the majority of rights.

Being grouped means that other members of the same group may feel that they are from the same community or at least acknowledge that they are not white.  Therefore, people may unconsciously relate to each other by the conscious awareness that they are different to the ‘norm’.

For a POC or BAME person, unconscious racial bias are common life problems that can lead to common mental health problems.  Racism is a complex system of social and political levers and pulleys, set up many generations ago to continue working on the behalf of whites at the expense of others.  As we move forward in time, recent generations have more awareness of this bias and although racism has certainly been reduced, it undoubtedly hasn’t been removed.  How a POC/BAME person experiences bias internally is very dependent on the attachments and drives in their upbringing.

In this webinar, I invite you to our internal self.  I will bring myself and a childhood black friend for exploration.  We will share our stories and views on conscious and unconscious bias.  Our deep connection is rooted in our ‘otherness’ at school.  Our purpose is to make our conscious, conscious to all and bring unconscious bias to your consciousness.  We will allow time for questions and lift some of taboo subjects surrounding mental health amongst our culture.

Learning Objectives:

  • To see our colour and culture through our eyes
  • To increase diversity awareness to prevent damage in children
  • To gain an insight to our otherness
  • To process how past experiences impacts the present
  • To bring unconscious bias to the consciousness
  • To explore Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate safely

About the Speaker:

I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. After graduating and working in the UK, I spent another decade working and exploring Asia. I embarked on an entrepreneurial path, managing a hospitality business, and holding directorial positions, managing people. My journeys also led to working in schools, supporting children with individual learning needs. My varied career has given me opportunities to work with different traditions and cultures.

In 2015, I met trauma. At the time, I was residing in Hong Kong and the societal dynamics pushed me through the victim mode to a survival stance. After relocating back to the UK soon after, I began my self-discovery journey. I analysed my old self. I became aware of how my upbringing in a white society impacted the way I think and behave. I found my cultural side was more hindering than I expected. I realised unconscious bias is present in everyone I know. Through my journey I transitioned from a surviving stance to a thriving capacity and I found my true self. I now have a desire to share my findings to help another’s consciousness.

All art images are reproduced with the kind permission of Patricia Fitzgerald of Healing Creations. https://www.healingcreations.ie/


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