Exiting Lockdown  – Taking Care of Your Needs Workshop

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We are delving into unexplored territory, exiting an unprecedented pandemic, and with this unknown comes considerable fears and anxieties.  

Whether if you are returning to the office or arranging to meet some friends after a long time apart, we will explore how you can establish healthy boundaries while also connecting with others. We will also discuss how to recognise and manage symptoms of social anxiety, should they arise.   

This training aims to identify your individual needs during this period and how to build self-compassion to combat potential low self-esteem. Ultimately, the training will address what exiting lockdown means to you and the possible choices it may bring up for you and your colleagues. 

  • Learn how to implement practical activities for improving body acceptance. 
  • Develop a solution-focused approach to challenges. 
  • Create a toolbox to deal with ‘triggering’ events and situations. 
  • Integrate a Polyvagal informed approach to lowering your stress reactions. 

 This training is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning more about what exiting lockdown means and where employees fit into this process.  


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