Anxiety Solutions for a Fast-Paced World – Fiona Austin


Date: 3 November 2021

Time: 11:00 – 18:00 BST

Location: Live via Zoom or On-Demand

Approved for 6 CPD credits

Sold By: Essential Therapy Training


Course Description:

This course takes you on a journey from our ancestor’s experience of anxiety to the modern day. We are exploring the consequence of this exponential pace in evolution and its resulting biological mismatch.

To fully understand this, we must look under the hood at our physiology and neurology, how that works and how under the right circumstances we operate optimally. From there we investigate how we address anxiety in the consulting rooms inside and then go outside to explore an important balance to our screen filled world. We explore the role and importance of what I coin Nature Sense.

We then move on to medicine and the most important medicine of all – food – and how both the natural and pharmaceutical solutions match up.

Finally, we bring everything together with a strong focus on anxiety and stress in our modern world. How we can cope, how to manage clients and how to better manage ourselves. Each module has a relaxation exercise built in and some workshop activities.

++Each module includes related relaxation and re-energising intervals that you can use with clients

Learning Objectives:

  • The role of anxiety in our distant past – understanding ancestral survival
  • The physiology and neurology of our emotions with a focus on Stress and Anxiety
  • Modern Day anxiety issues in the consulting room and differing approaches, this also talks about screen overload and social media anxiety.
  • Stepping outside as an anxiety solution – an introduction to walk and talk therapy.
  • Food as a solution to anxiety and how to quit anti-depressants
  • Bringing everything together for solutions to overwhelm and anxiety along with insights to our modern fast paced world.

About the Speaker:

Fiona Austin MA Dip CHC is a psychotherapist and positive psychologist specialising in Anxiety and Sleep issues. When not seeing her clients at her private practice in central London, she is teaching coaches and therapists how to integrate walk and talk session into their work through a programme called Nature Sense.

Many moons ago Fiona was a journalist but found moving to therapy and coaching a natural and complimentary progression “the skills of listening and a hearing a person’s story are important in both worlds”.

In terms of qualifications, they stand just shy of 20 years, including the positive application of Psychology including CBT and Counselling and if you wish include Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Outdoor / Eco Therapy. Fiona is also an ADAPT qualified Health Coach. All these skills are used under the banner of integrative therapist and used in both Coaching and Therapy for her clients.

Fiona’s work has evolved with her many years of experience, expanding her practice from London to Gibraltar and Spain. As with many of us, Fiona, over the years adapted to the pressures and demands of the modern digital world, but unlike many thrived. She shares how and gives insights to our modern-day anxieties and stresses. This has evolved to be her specialisation which she shares in this course as well as consulting with both corporates and individuals to live successfully in harmony with our screen filled world.

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All artistic images reproduced by kind permission of Patricia Fitzgerald of Healing Creations.


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