Michaela Brady

Drawing from a wealth of clinical experience and a broad academic background, Michaela has a unique ability to connect with clients needs and deliver transformative programs which provide tailored solutions to presenting challenges. By integrating principals from positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, neuro linguistic programming, and mindfulness, she equips audiences with invaluable information and practical strategies to create lasting change

Michaela has a unique ability to get to the core of underlying issues within therapeutic practice and has worked with a wide range of issues impacting mental health and well being which include; anxiety, depression, grief/loss, stress, trauma and panic attacks. When working with Michaela, you will gain invaluable insight into the emotional, mental and behavioural patterns that drive disturbance and learn to replace these with empowering mindsets and techniques

In addition to extensive clinical and training experience  Michaela corresponds with the media via TV, radio and print to provide psychological advice on improving wellbeing, communication and performance

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