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Connecting you directly with service providers all year round

Due to the increased demand for Mental Health support across all sectors, we're adding a new option to our site, connecting providers and those seeking solutions directly.

We want to provide more than just one day for everyone to connect and learn about mental health and find support solutions, so we're creating a year round opportunity to access support.

If you provide a mental health and wellbeing support product or service, our audience and followers are

looking for you. 

Contact us to find out more.

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Attended by guests from all corners of the world.  This Summit has established itself as one of the most important events of the year to attend to obtain genuine, practical information and education on coping with and managing mental health.​


With the Summit now being an online event, we are excited to be able to reach a wider audience making this vital information even more accessible to a global audience.


The Summit attracts attendees from all sectors including the public, corporate, government bodies, sporting, educational and medical.


This Summit has something for everyone! 
Information is delivered in a light hearted and digestible manner giving practical advice which can be taken away and used in every day life.

PAST attendees


"Very informative, enlightening, entertaining and thought provoking.  Hopefully this will become an annual event!"


"All speakers were exceptional.  It was a real privilege to hear such expert speakers.

I look forward to next year’s event already. Thank you !"


"I thought the day was a great balance of personal accounts and professional sharing. I will certainly be registering interest in next years event "


"..I would love to wish a hearty congratulations to you on pulling together a fantastic Summit!  I took a rare day of work to enjoy it, and that I did! All the speakers were top notch, brave, courageous and real. The whole day was jam packed with awakening moments, insightfulness and eye openers.  I sincerely want to thank you for a phenomenal event, for what I have on a personal and professional level gained from it."


"Well done..a fantastic achievement in very tough circumstances. Some great insights, personal stories and practical tools to help us all find different ways to take the necessary action required to continue to build on the phenomenal progress you guys have made a massive contribution to over the last number of years. Bravo!

Wesley, SISK — 2020 ATTENDEE

"Well done! As one of the speakers who had to patch in from home due to a Covid test, I cannot imagine the logistics you had to put in place for the whole event. But watching the other speakers and the seamless presentation - huge congratulations to you and all the team."

Emma Murphy - 2020 SPEAKER

"Really insightful, powerful event today. Well done to you and all the team. Lots of learnings and key takeaways. Thank you!"

Jenny, Director at Workday — 2020 ATTENDEE

"Best Monday I have had in months..thank you for organising. Amazing contributors and content and so much learned."

Denise — 2020 ATTENDEE

"Well done! Congratulations on a great achievement. The speakers were really excellent. Deepak Chopra a highlight as the day closed. It was a really successful day especially for the times we live in at present."

Mark, General Practitioner— 2020 ATTENDEE


"Congratulations on a great event this year. I am looking forward to attend next year’s event. As a HR Professional I've seen a massive increase in the number of colleagues talking about their Mental Health which makes this Summit so important. "


"The Summit was excellent, well organised and interactive.  It was certainly a real ‘eye opener’ for myself, and what we should be doing, what we should look out for and how we can create a good culture of communication within our organisations to deal with any future mental health issues"


"I had a fantastic experience at the Summit. All speakers spoke so well on the professional/medical side of mental health and the speakers who spoke so candidly of their own life experiences did so in a powerful strong manner to which I thank them and am very grateful"